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I found this FB page and have been posting images here. A lot of what I have posted has been rejected, and I have been trying to analyse why. Their guidelines for posting , I find, do not quite match with my expectations. I posted the picture of the cat, above, because I saw him sitting on a dustbin watching the world go by, over the hedge. A neat row of gardens and a beautiful cat, backlit by the evening sun. I saw this as an interaction between cat and humans, and therefore put it in the Street category. It seems this is wrong as pictures of animals come into a different genre.judydeanstreet (1 of 1)-3

This is another rejection. I included it because it was seen through a gallery window, with reflections of the buildings from the street behind me. I imagine that if I had managed to get a reflection of people walking by, it would have made all the difference.

I am learning…..

Below are the rules of the group – which, on the whole, I agree with and applaud. My gripe, if it really is one, is that the genre is really in the eye of the beholder, and if I perceived a picture as Street photography, and could validate my reasons for doing so – should that image not be included?

Having said that, of course, there are images regularly posted to this FB page, that are portraits – seen by the photographer as candid shots; and somewhat boring shots of people doing nothing in particular on the street, the I am looking for a story to tell.

(1) All photos must be representative of the human condition and show the relationship between people and their surroundings.
(2) All photos must be candid (non posed or staged shots), and taken in public places.
(3) Your photo should attempt to tell a story or convey a message. General photos of streets showing people in the distance is not encouraged and may be removed if the photo is deemed more cityscape, landscape, or architecture in genre – Remember, Street Photography is the representation of the human condition and their personal interaction with their surroundings.
(4) You do not need people in the shot. Only evidence of human activity / interaction. For instance, a glove lost on the floor, a garbage receptacle overflowing, a newspaper left on a seat, etc.
(5) Photos do not need to be in a street – photos of people and/or their activity in the country, on beaches, etc. is all considered “street photography”
(6) General photos of traffic, cars, buildings, landscapes, landmarks, statues, bridges, timed exposures showing vehicle light trails, etc. will be removed (please see footnote**).
(7) No photos of animals such as stray cats or birds unless they are interacting with people.
(8) Photographs of people looking at the camera should not immediately be thought of as a portrait and disqualified. Portraits are set up, carefully posed and framed, not candid, and a purposeful interaction between photographer and subject. This should not be confused with a quickly taken shot, inadvertently framed with head and upper torso, and that the subject may have noticed and glanced at the camera at the moment of taking.
** When it comes to photos not containing people: A photo of just a house with a balcony is NOT street photography; however, that same house with laundry draped over the balcony would be. A photo of a car parked in the street is NOT street photography; however, that same car with a coffee cup on the roof would be. I think you can kind of get my meaning.
Please feel free to use this post to ask questions as I am sure there is much more to cover; however, remember – This is not a debate between your understanding of street photography or someone else’s. This is intended to convey what this group’s current vision of street photography is.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, and your continued contributions to the group.


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