A few of my street shots

I think that as a small, plump, older woman, I can probably get away with this, you know. Having conquered the first of my fears by shooting only the backs of people, I am now happier to take them from the front – even with eye contact, though I often pretend to be shooting something else. I wonder if they are fooled?


Here is a selection of my work before I start examining that of others –

  1. This was taken in Cambridge, during the illuminations they had to light up the buildings and the hearts of the viewers. This was a moving black and white pattern, which in itself was mesmerising – but the lights in the bottom right windows made this for me.



2. A similar event, just before Christmas 2015, in Oxford this time. The Clarendon building was lit up with 15 minutes worth of extraordinary moving pictures

Oxford lights 11-15-00923

There are no people in these pictures, but I still think they are in the Street genre as they describe unusual human activity.


3. This scene appealed to me, and as the earnest discussion allowed me to get in quite close without being noticed, and as, of course, everyone else was taking pictures amongst these wonderful old buildings of the Bodleian Library, Oxford, it was an easy shot.

Oxford Oct 2015-00432


4. Again, in Oxford, passing this shop window, I saw this amazing Halloween cake, with the girl behind working, who I kept out of focus to emphasise that the cake didn’t just make itself!!

Oxford Oct 2015-00466


5. She walks these two dogs regularly, and wears the same hat and coat – they looked an interesting trio!!

Oxford Oct 2015-00721


6. Covent Garden has quite a few street musicians and other entertainers. This lady was collecting donations and selling DVD’s of the music played by the group below!! A classical string quartet with operatic singing! Lovely accompaniment to a cup of tea and a cake! The guy behind the smiling woman was engrossed in his phone, and made an interesting contrast. I can’t help thinking that mobile phones will be a good subject for the future…




7. We took the Grandchildren to the Wildlife Park at Burford, in the Cotswolds. Always on the lookout, I spotted this guy, with his huge lens, looking quite pleased with himself!



8. Both Oxford and Cambridge have huge fleets of punts for the visitors to show off in. These guys were certainly having a lot of fun!

Oxford lights 11-15-01168


9. New Years Day in Stow on the Wold. The Heythrop Hunt were having their annual meet in town. Not sure if this chap was press or just there for his own entertainment, but it was my opinion that he missed the best shot of the day, as the girl just beneath his lens posed for me….



10. Tai Chi on the beach – what better place to do it!! At Lyme Regis.



11. Outside the Art Gallery on Princes Street, Edinburgh, he and his dog were busy watching the Christmas shoppers…



12. Selective colouring made the red coat of the huntsman stand out quite dramatically



13. Travelling home from London, these two young women were happily absorbed for the whole journey, which lasted getting on for 2 hours. I found the colours very pleasant, but when I removed them, the picture seemed to have more impact. It is clearly a new way to live – communicating with one’s technology. They could have had an interesting chat, and probably learnt just as much…






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