I think that as a small, plump, older woman, I can probably get away with this, you know. Having conquered the first of my fears by shooting only the backs of people, I am now happier to take them from the front – even with eye contact, though I often pretend to be shooting something else. I wonder if they are fooled?

Street photography is fascinating – different people have different views of what it entails, but my personal feeling is that a street photograph should show the interaction of people with their environment, though there do not actually have to be people in the picture – just the knowledge that people have formed the picture – oh, yes, and there should be an implied story.

I want to learn about the genre, and to practice it, though my lifestyle does not allow frequent forays into the art… you will find more pics of flowers and family and visits to interesting places in my portfolio – but I am having a go, and I want to chart my progress, and hopefully get some decent critique along the way.


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